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Rob Diffenderfer

Rob is the Owner, Senior Photographer, Chief Photo Editor, and Sales Manager at GMS Photo and Video. He has worked with Baltimore Magazine, Maryland Life, Chesapeake Living, and National Geographic. His photos have been used for television networks and programs such as Fox 45 News and MPT (Maryland Public Television).

“I am completely hooked to all of the emotion that is presented during a wedding ceremony. I want to capture that emotion and through my photography tell the story as it unfolds. I love the challenges that come with weddings from cultures that differ from the ones I am accustomed to. Indian, Pakistani, Ethiopian, among others have always intrigued me. Wedding photography challenges the photographer in every way. Working in bad lighting in stressful conditions is not for all photographers and the ones that learn how to do this properly quickly separate themselves from the others. The many facets of photography you will run into at a wedding include, food, fashion, portrait, photo-journalistic, and action all under a rapid time schedule and in many cases in less then adequate lighting situations…I live for this!!!”


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Joalis Diffenderfer

Joalis is the Co-owner, Video Production Manager, Chief Video Editor, and Head of Finances for GMS Photo and Video.

“I have a passion for shooting and editing video that I can’t fully explain. It is a never ending sea of possibilities that allows you to be as creative as you can dream of and even more. I love to be creative and through my video editing I can be. I prefer wedding videos that are classy as opposed to what I call “over the top” video editing. Video for me is much more challenging then photography because you have all of the requirements that a wedding photographer has…plus movement! The wedding day is stressful but exciting. From the moment we start filming the preparation I am completely focused on getting the shots that will tell the story of the day. I often work with more then one camera and camera operator so I need to direct others to get into position and help get the shots that will work in unison with mine. Editing! Editing is where the magic happens. It is where it all comes together and is my favorite part. My desire to give you a quality video is only surpassed by the joy you receive from watching it.”


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